Today we will be taking you on a trip inside the world of Donald J. Trump’s solo-fight against far-left fascists. Donald Trump fights almost alone with hordes of far-left fascists who want to destroy the United States, freedom and civilization. An exceptional analysis by Guy Millière for Dreuz talks about the situation in the United States as unprecedented since the Civil War.

No public assembly of Donald Trump can be organized without the protection of the secret services, all police services and the national guard of the state in which he speaks. Sabotage actions are organized. The President’s protection services must be mobilized more strictly than under all other presidents elected before him, because those who would like to assassinate him are more numerous and determined than in most other periods in American history.

Democrat mayors in big cities have given up their fundamental task of protecting the people and property of those in their constituency and joining criminals and rebels who destroy and kill, and urge their police forces to do nothing. They are even taking steps to cut off funding for the latter, or even demanding their abolition.

The governors of the Democratic states refuse to send the National Guard to restore order. And the federal military, which the president should be able to count on when the lower echelons of law enforcement fail or fail to do so, has shown through several of his generals, including Mark Milley, chief of staff , that he will not obey the orders of the President if he asks him to intervene, which brings rebellion and would become a real rebellion if the President orders an order for concrete intervention.

What is happening now in the United States is an insurrection, which is part of the prolongation of the continuous coup that the Democrats have been giving since Trump became President, a coup that has lasted for four years. It was an episode of „The Conspiracy with Russia” (non-existent conspiracy, of course) and the totally flawed investigation of the Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller. Then there was the fake Ukrainian scandal, intended to produce a smokescreen in order to hide Joe Biden’s corruption. It was then a baseless dismissal procedure, violating all the rules of law, which you would have thought was inspired by the trials in Moscow during Stalin’s time. In the next episode, Democrats used the pandemic from Wuhan to create an atmosphere of panic, push for a complete closure of the economy, try to prolong it to the maximum so that the country would fall into ruin and accuse Trump of destroying it, the country.

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